• One subject - $120 donation (monthly- $30 a hour) one hour weekly
  • Two Subjects - $240 donation (monthly) 2 hrs. weekly
  • All Subjects - $500 donation (monthly) 5 hrs. weekly

For tutoring the student is being home schooled or attends another school on a regular basis, and all record keeping and grades as well as conferences are done at the student's school)

Entire Curriculum:

  • Grades K - 6: $1000 donation (monthly) 10 hrs. weekly
  • Grades 7 - 12: $1200 donation (monthly) 10 hrs. weekly

(For "entire curriculum", the student does all his work for MMS. Assignments and record keeping, as well as conferences and observations are done by MMS).

The Importance of Mythology/Psychology in Individualized Education has long been neglected in Public Education. The argument that to remain secular -no mythology is examined is fallacious. Mythology of the world, and specifically the mythology of the individual is essential to wholistic Education. The exploration of a child's "roots", help her/him discover their uniqueness in the diversity of human culture. At the same time a respect for the culture of others and the common threads which unite us, are also discovered. Students who enroll for the entire curriculum will be asked to do work in Mythology/Psychology. Reports on self and family members through history are a focus.

Students will choose their own reading material in literature, provided it is challenging, and all students will move at their own pace in all subjects. Self correcting math materials will be offered.

In Science and History, Students are encouraged to study topics which have captured their wonder. They move at their own pace in Math and English, and movement in some form as well as the arts are required. Students 10 and up are asked to find activities where they are sharing their gifts with others, and students in High School are required to do some form of community service. Every effort will be made to create an interdisciplinary curriculum based on the students interest.